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Car Service Lift Four Post made by Daxlifter.Lifting Capacity range is 3500kg-5500kg which suit for most of car repair shop.Equipped 2kw and 3kw motor depends on different capacity with strong power to support a safery work.

  • Single Platform size: 4500mm*510mm~6000mm*510mm
  • Capacity range: 3500-5500kg
  • Max Platform height: 1700mm-1800mm
  • Free ocean shipping insurance available
  • Free ocean shipping for some ports available
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    Car Service Lift Four Post  made by Daxlifter.Lifting Capacity range is 3500kg-5500kg which suit for most of car repair shop.Equipped 2kw and 3kw motor depends on different capacity with strong power to support a safery work.Besides,5500kg capacity type offer pneumatic unlock method to make the work more efficient and automation.There is also many others model car service lift  to offer auxiliary product for car workshop.Choose the model you are interested in and let us know, we will offer best solution for you.


    Q: What is the height range and load-bearing capacity of the car service lift four post?

    A: The height range is 1.7m-1.8m and the capacity is 5500kg.

    Q: Will the platform automatically stop when it reaches a specified height?

    A: The limiter is installed on our column, when the equipment rises to the designated position, it will automatically stop rising.

    Q: How is your shipping capacity?

    A: We have cooperated with many professional shipping companies for many years, and they will provide us with very good services in terms of ocean transportation.

    Q: How do we send an inquiry to your company?

    A: Both the product page and the homepage have our contact information. You can click the button to send an inquiry or contact us directly: Whatsapp:+86 1519278274




    FCSL3517 FCSL4017 FCSL5518

                   Lifting Capacity

    3500kg 4000kg 5500kg
    Lifting Height 1700mm 1700mm 1800mm
    Min Height 160mm 200mm 220mm
    Single Platform Length 4500mm 4600mm 6000mm
    Overall Length 5750mm 5850mm 7550mm
    Overall Width 3270mm 3400mm 3670mm
    Width between Column 2860m 3000mm 3020mm
    Width of Single Platform 510mm 510mm 510mm
    Width Between Runway Platform 900-1000mm 900-1100mm 900-1100mm
    Second Scissor Lifting Height 300-490mm 300-490mm 300-490mm
    Height of Column 2030mm 2200mm 2200mm
    Lifting Time 60s 60s 60s
    Motor 2.2kw 3kw 3kw
    Voltage Custom made Custom made Custom made
    Lock&Unlock Method Manual Manual Pneumatic

    Why Choose Us

    As a professional four post car service lift supplier, we have provided professional and safe lifting equipment to many countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Serbia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, India, New Zealand, Malaysia, Canada and others nation. Our equipment takes into account the affordable price and excellent work performance. In addition, we can also provide perfect after-sales service. There is no doubt that we will be your best choice!

    Second upgrade platform:

    A small scissor platform is designed on the platform, which can be lifted twice when repairing the car.

    Strong bolt:

    The equipment is fatigued and firm with bolts, which can stably fix the elevator on the ground.

    High-quality hydraulic pump station:

    Ensure the stable lifting of the platform and a long service life.


    Anti-falling mechanical locks:

    The design of the anti-falling mechanical lock ensures the stability of the platform.

    Emergency button:

    In case of emergency during work, the equipment can be stopped.

    Balance safety chain:

    The equipment is installed with a high-quality balanced safety chain to ensure the stable lifting of the platform.


    Simple structure: 

    The structure of the equipment is simpler and the installation is easier.

    Multi mechanical lock:

    The equipment is designed with multiple mechanical locks, which can fully guarantee the safety when parking.

    Limited switch:

    The design of the limit switch prevents the platform from exceeding the original height during the lifting process, ensuring safety.

    Waterproof protection measures:

    Our products have made waterproof protection measures for hydraulic pump stations and oil tanks, and they have been used for a long time.

    Electromagnetic lock (Optional):

    The equipment is equipped with four electromagnetic locks to ensure the safety and stability of the platform.


    Case 1

    Our Filipino customer bought our four-post car service lift and installed it in his auto repair shop to assist in repairing the car. A small scissor platform is designed on the platform of the equipment, which can lift the car a second time when repairing the car, which is more convenient for the maintenance of the wheels and the inspection and maintenance of the bottom of the car.

    Case 2

    One of our customers in Switzerland bought our car service lift four post and installed it in an auto repair shop. The maximum weight of the vehicle repaired by the customer is about 5 tons, so we purchased our FCSL5518 model equipment, which can load 5.5 tons, which can ensure the safety of the customer during maintenance and greatly improve the customer's work efficiency.


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