Scissor Lift

Aerial Scissor Lift is main product in Aerial Industry. Daxlifter Have high-quality scissor lift for the global market.There is several type we have to introduce: 

  • Hydraulic Drive Scissor Lift

    Hydraulic Drive Scissor Lift

    The self-propelled scissor lift is an extremely efficient equipment. The staff can directly stand on the platform to control the movement and lifting of the equipment. Through this operation mode, there is no need to lower the platform to the ground when the working position of the mobile ......
  • Mobile Scissor Lift

    Mobile Scissor Lift

    The manually movable mobile scissor lift is suitable for high-altitude operations, including high-altitude installation of equipment, glass cleaning and high-altitude rescue. Our equipment has a solid structure, rich functions, and can adapt to various working environments.
  • Self Propelled Mini Scissor Lift

    Self Propelled Mini Scissor Lift

    Mini self propelled scissor lift is compact with a small turning radius for tight work space.It is light,meaning it can be used in weight-sensitive floors.The platform is spacious enough to hold two to three workers and it can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Electrically Drive Scissor Lift

    Electrically Drive Scissor Lift

    The Different between hydraulic self propelled scissor lift and electrically drive scissor lift is that the one use hydraulic system to make the wheel move,another one use electric motor which install on the wheel to make the lift move.
  • Rough Terrain Diesel Power Scissor Lift

    Rough Terrain Diesel Power Scissor Lift

    The biggest feature of the rough terrain self-propelled scissor lift is that it can adapt to the complex and harsh working environment. For example, in potholes on construction sites, muddy work sites and even Gobi Desert.
  • Mobile Mini Scissor Lift

    Mobile Mini Scissor Lift

    Mini mobile scissor lift is mostly used in indoor high-altitude operations, and its maximum height can reach 3.9 meters, which is suitable for medium high-altitude operations. It has a small size and can move and work in a narrow space.
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1)Semi Electric mobile scissor lift, The lifting arm is made of high-strength manganese steel rectangular tube, and the countertop is made of non-slip patterned steel plate or plastic blanket to ensure that workers will not slip on the countertop. Equipped with a countertop control switch to prevent misoperation. Use the hydraulic cylinder made by Seiko to ensure the working performance of the whole equipment. At the same time, the drain port of the hydraulic cylinder is equipped with a one-way throttle valve to prevent the table from falling due to a tubing failure. In addition, the equipment can be equipped with electric assistance to move.2)Self propelled scissor lift, The device itself can perform walking and steering drive functions, without manual traction, battery-powered, and no external power supply. The equipment is convenient and flexible to move, making high-altitude operations more convenient and efficient. It is an ideal high-altitude operation equipment for high-efficiency and safe production of modern enterprises.3)Rough Terrain Scissor lift, Cross-country self-propelled equipment is equipped with a full set of self-balancing system and cross-country tires. It is suitable for a variety of complex and harsh operating environments. For example, the ground is uneven, muddy, etc. And can carry out lifting operations within a certain inclination angle. At the same time, we designed a large working platform and a larger load for it, which can satisfy four or five workers working on the table at the same time.

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