Vacuum Lifter

Vacuum lifter is one of our best important sales product which includes vacuum galss lifter,plate vacuum lifter and others vacuum lifter and so on. The equipment adopts dual system control, one group of vacuum system works, and one group is standby. It adopts American THOMAS DC vacuum pump, Italian brand METALROTA heavy-duty driving wheel, Swiss BUCHER hydraulic pump station and only maintenance-free battery. During use, electric walking, electric lifting and electric suction can be realized without external air source or power supply. , Manual rotation 360 degrees, manual flip 90 degrees and other functions. 

  • Economic Trolley Vacuum Glass Lifter

    Economic Trolley Vacuum Glass Lifter

    The indoor glass door is equipped with a suction cup trolley, electric suction and deflation, manual lifting and movement, convenient and labor-saving.This type suction cup trolley cost low but with more efficient working for easy glass handling.
  • Glass suction lifter

    Glass suction lifter

    Glass suction lifter is used to transport different types of workpieces. Glass vacuum lifter is small and light, and can be easily operated by a single person without damage to the workpiece. At the same time, it is equipped with an imported oil-free vacuum pump. It's very reliable in terms of quali
  • Vacuum Glass Lifter

    Vacuum Glass Lifter

    Our vacuum glass lifter are mainly used for the installation and handling of glass, but unlike other manufacturers, we can absorb different materials by replacing the suction cups. If the sponge suction cups are replaced, they can absorb wood, cement and iron plates. .
  • Glass Suction Cup Lifter Manufacturer With CE Approved

    Glass Suction Cup Lifter Manufacturer With CE Approved

    The DXGL-HD type glass suction cup lifter is mainly used for the installation and handling of glass plates. It has a lighter body and performs well in narrow working areas. There is a large range of load options between different models, which can meet customer needs very accurately.
  • Custom Made Multiple Function Glass Lifter Vacuum Suction Cup

    Custom Made Multiple Function Glass Lifter Vacuum Suction Cup

    The electric glass suction cup is driven by a battery and does not require cable access, which solves the problem of inconvenient power supply on the construction site. It is especially suitable for high-altitude curtain wall glass installation and can be customized according to the size

Of course, manual rotation and manual flip can be equipped with electric rotation or flip. This suction cup robot has strong power and stable lifting. Equipped with Japanese PANASONIC digital display vacuum pressure switch and battery fuel gauge, which can clearly monitor the safe operation of the equipment. The built-in vacuum pressure compensation system ensures that the entire vacuum system is maintained at a relatively constant safe pressure value during the handling of the glass. After an accidental power failure, the pressure holding function can extend the emergency processing time and use it more safely. The adjustable design is adopted. It can be assembled in various ways according to the needs, changing the position of the suction cups and each suction cup is equipped with a separate control valve, which can suck a variety of different shapes and sizes of glass.

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