Aluminum Work Platform

Aluminum aerial work platform is a vertical work type aerial work platform with light weight which is convenient to move.There is multiple model offer you  to select, single mast aluminum aerial work platform, dual mast aluminum aerial work platform and self propelled type aluminum aerial work platform. The equipment adopts high-strength aluminum alloy profiles to effectively reduce the lifting deflection and swing.

It adopts integral hydraulic unit, with cartridge valve, and emergency lowering function. Each model can be equipped with battery power according to customer requirements. Adopt independent integrated electrical unit, equipped with leakage protection and overload protection. The equipment is designed with two independent control panels so that workers can control the equipment regardless of whether they are on the platform or on the ground. In addition, we must emphatically recommend our self propelled aluminum work platform. Workers can directly control the movement and lifting of the equipment on the table. This function makes it extremely efficient when working in the warehouse and saves the working time of opening and closing the legs.

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