Low Scissor Lift Table

Low profile lift table,pit lift table,U shape scissor lift table is custom made product which will base on customer requirement to make design. We are professional custom scissor lift table factory supplier in China. We would like to invite you to buy our cheap scissor lift table if you need. If you need customized service ,please feel free to contact us to let us know. Come to get a quotation!

  • U Type Scissor Lift Table

    U Type Scissor Lift Table

    U type scissor lift table is mainly used for the lifting and handling of wooden pallets and other material handling tasks. The main work scenes include warehouses, assembly line work, and shipping ports. If the standard model cannot meet your requirements, please contact us to confirm whether it can
  • Pit Scissor Lift Table

    Pit Scissor Lift Table

    The pit load scissor lift table is mainly used to load goods on the truck,after install the platform into the pit. At this time, the table and the ground are on the same level. After the goods are transferred to the platform, lift the platform up, then we can move the goods into the truck.
  • Low Profile Scissor Lift Table

    Low Profile Scissor Lift Table

    The biggest advantage of the Low Profile Scissor Lift Table is that the height of the equipment is only 85mm. In the absence of a forklift, you can directly use the pallet truck to drag the goods or pallets to the table through the slope, saving forklift costs and improving work efficiency.

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