Electric Stacker

Eelectric Stacker is an important equipment in warehouse work industry.We recommend full electric type to use in warehouse work,cause full electric stacker whatever moving and lifting base on battery power,people can drive it on platform and control all.Our battery power stacker has High-strength body and chassis, sturdy and durable, ensure that the fork handles heavy cargo easily.AC drive to improve driving stability and comfort.I-beam gantry, dual-cylinder design, stable lifting and wide operating vision.Equipped with uphill booster cylinder to prevent uphill skidding.Electronic and mechanical double lifting limit, stable and safe lifting.

Three-speed descent, slow at full load, fast without load.Relief valve prevents overload, safety first.Open internal structure, clear layout of numbered wiring harness, easy to maintain.The timer and the electricity meter display the electricity usage at any time, which is convenient for notifying the operator to charge in time.Foldable pedals reduce the operator's work intensity.The side-pull design of the battery facilitates maintenance and replacement and improves work efficiency.Electronic limit switches are installed on the door frame to accurately control the lifting height of the door frame to prevent damage to the lifting motor.A safety net is installed on the mast to protect the operator from accidental injury.Painted car body, assembly line.

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