Vertical Cargo Lift

Vertical cargo lift is a custom made product in freight elevator industry. The equipment uses hydraulic cylinders as the main power and is driven by heavy-duty chains and wire ropes to ensure the absolute safety of the machine. Vertical freight elevator does not require pits and machine rooms.

  • Four Rails Vertical Cargo Lift Supplier CE Certification

    Four Rails Vertical Cargo Lift Supplier CE Certification

    Four rails vertical cargo lift has many updated advantages compare to two rails freight elevator,big platform size,large capacity and higher platform height. But it need a bigger installation place and people need to prepare three phase AC power for it.
  • Two Rails Vertical Cargo Lift Good Price

    Two Rails Vertical Cargo Lift Good Price

    Two rails vertical cargo lift can be custom made by the specific requirement from customer,the platform size,capacity and max platform height can be made base on your requirements. But the platform size can not be so big,cause there is only two rails fixed the platform.If you need a big platform....

China vertical cargo lift is especially suitable for pits that cannot be dug, warehouse reconstruction, new shelves, etc., and it is easy to install and maintain, and is beautiful. , Safety and convenient operation features. Of course, the production of the equipment must be carried out according to the actual, specific installation environment and requirements of the customer. First, the custom made cargo lift needs to be designed according to the relevant data and information provided by the customer. After repeated confirmation that there is no problem, the production and subsequent installation and commissioning are carried out. Wait for work. Because vertical goods lift must be customized production, we did not design a standard model for it, but all customized production according to customer requirements.

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