Self-propelled Aluminum Aerial Work Platform CE Approved Low Price

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Self Propelled Aluminum Aerial Work Platform is simple, lightweight and easy to move. It suit for using in a narrow working environment. A staff member can move and operate it. Self Propelled function is very nice and efficient,the people can drive it on platform which make the work more easier.

  • Platform size: 780mm*700mm
  • Capacity range: 280-340kg
  • Max Platform height range: 8m-16m
  • Free ocean shipping insurance available
  • Free LCL shipping available at some ports
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    Self-propelled aluminum alloy aerial work platform is famous for its simple structure, light weight and easy movement. Self-propelled aluminum alloy high-altitude equipment can pass through the general entrance hall and enter and exit the elevator at will. DC battery power supply, energy saving and power saving, low noise during use.

    Compared with the high-configuration single mast aluminum alloy aerial work platform, the aluminum alloy self-propelled machinery is self-propelled by an electric motor, and the operator can freely control the movement and lifting of the equipment on the platform. Lifting equipment is equipped with high-quality wheels, which will not damage the ground during the movement. It is widely used in supermarkets, factories, hotels, hospitals, stations, airports, warehouses and other occasions.

    According to work performance, we have other aerial work platforms. If you have the aerial work equipment you need, please don’t hesitate to send us an inquiry!


    Q: What is the height range of this self-propelled aluminum aerial work platform?

    A: High-configuration double mast aerial work platform is 6-7.5m, and the load capacity is 125-150kg. Choose the right model according to your needs.

    Q: How is your shipping ability?

    A: We have cooperated with professional shipping companies for many years. They provide us with the cheapest prices and the best service. So our ocean shipping capabilities are very good.

    Q: What is your warranty time?

    A: We provide 12 months of free warranty, and if the equipment is damaged during the warranty period due to quality problems, we will provide customers with free accessories and provide necessary technical support. After the warranty period, we will provide lifetime paid accessories service.

    Q: How do we send an inquiry to your company?

    A: Both the product page and the homepage have our contact information. You can click the button to send an inquiry or contact us directly: Whatsapp:+86 15192782747



    Model SAWP-7.5 SAWP-6
    Max. Working Height 9.50m 8.00m
    Max. Platform Height 7.50m 6.00m
    Loading Capacity 125kg 150kg



    Overall Length 1.40m 1.40m
    Overall Width 0.82m 0.82m
    Overall Height 1.98m 1.98m
    Platform Dimension 0.78m×0.70m 0.78m×0.70m
    Wheel Base 1.14m 1.14m
    Turning Radius



    Travel Speed(Stowed) 4km/h 4km/h
    Travel Speed(Raised) 1.1km/h 1.1km/h
    Up/Down Speed 48/40sec 43/35sec



    Drive Tyres Φ230×80mm Φ230×80mm
    Drive Motors 2×12VDC/0.4kW 2×12VDC/0.4kW
    Lifting Motor 24VDC/2.2kW 24VDC/2.2kW
    Battery 2×12V/85Ah 2×12V/85Ah
    Charger 24V/11A 24V/11A
    Weight 1190kg 954kg

    Why Choose Us

    DAXLIFTER Self propelled aerial work platform is a smart aerial man lift in aerial work.Self moving function can let the worker drive it on platform directly which will save a lot of time compare with manual moving type man lift.Besides,there is many features of self moving aluminum work platform ,kindly check it below:

    Aluminum alloy materials:

    The equipment adopts high-strength aluminum alloy, which is more sturdy and durable.

    Lifting chains:

    The aluminum working platform uses high-quality lifting chains, which are not easy to damage.

    Support leg:

    The design of the equipment has four supporting legs to ensure that the equipment is more stable during work.


    Extend platform:

    The extend platform can make the operator has moro bigger working range

    Emergency button:

    In case of emergency during work, the equipment can be stopped.

    Standard forklift hole:

    Single mast aluminum aerial work platform is designed with forklift holes, this design is more convenient in the process of moving.


    High-strength hydraulic cylinder:

    Our equipment uses high-quality hydraulic cylinders, and the quality of the lift is guaranteed.

    DC power supply:

    DC battery power supply, energy saving and power saving, low noise during use.

    Control panel on the platform:

    The installation of the control panel is convenient for the operator to control the lifting and moving of the equipment on the working platform.

    Electric drive motor:

    In the process of controlling the equipment, the operation conversion is more convenient and accurate.

    High-quality wheels:

    Using high-quality tires, the use time is longer.


    Case 1

    One of our Bulgarian customers bought our self-propelled aluminum alloy aerial work platform mainly for indoor painting of walls. We learned from our communication that he has his own decoration company, but he needs to use a ladder to move back and forth in his usual work, which is more troublesome. In order to improve the recognized work efficiency, he decided to purchase self-propelled lifting equipment. He told us that after purchasing the equipment, the work efficiency of his staff has doubled. When working, they only need to control the movement and lifting of the equipment on the platform, which is more convenient.


    Case 2

    One of our customers in the UK purchased our self-propelled aluminum alloy aerial work platform mainly for outdoor high-altitude installation and maintenance, including billboard installation, street lamp maintenance or high-altitude electrical maintenance. The maximum height of our self-propelled aluminum alloy aerial work platform can reach 7.5 meters, which can just reach the required height. The platform surface of the lifting machine can be expanded, so some simple tools needed for work can be placed, which greatly facilitates the work.




    Bottom Control Panel

    Charger Indicator

    Emergency Stop&Charger seat

    Emergency Decline

    Quality Wheel

    Drive Motor

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