Standard Scissor Lift Table

  • Roller Scissor Lift Table

    Roller Scissor Lift Table

    We have added a roller platform to the standard fixed scissor platform to make it suitable for assembly line work and other related industries. Of course, in addition to this, we accept customized countertops and sizes.
  • Double Scissor Lift Table

    Double Scissor Lift Table

    The double scissor lift table is suitable for work at working heights that cannot be reached by a single scissor lift table, and it can be installed in a pit, so that the scissor lift tabletop can be kept level with the ground and will not become an obstacle on the ground due to its own height.
  • Four Scissor Lift Table

    Four Scissor Lift Table

    The four scissor lift table is mostly used to transport goods from the first floor to the second floor. Cause Some customers have limited space and there is not enough space to install the freight elevator or cargo lift. You can choose the four scissor lift table instead of the freight elevator.
  • Three Scissor Lift Table

    Three Scissor Lift Table

    The working height of the three scissor lift table is higher than that of the double scissor lift table. It can reach a platform height of 3000mm and the maximum load can reach 2000kg, which undoubtedly makes certain material handling tasks more efficient and convenient.
  • Single Scissor Lift Table

    Single Scissor Lift Table

    The fixed scissor lift table is widely used in warehouse operations, assembly lines and other industrial applications. The platform size, load capacity, platform height, etc. can be customized. Optional accessories such as remote control handles can be provided.

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