Electric Pallet Truck High Level Daxlifter

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Electric Pallet Truck High Level Daxlifter is the materials handling equipment special for warehouse material handle and movement.

  • Fork size: 540mm*1150mm/680mm*1150mm
  • Capacity range:1000-1500kg 1000-1500kg
  • Max Platform height: 800mm
  • Free ocean shipping insurance available
  • Free ocean shipping for some ports available
  • Technical Data

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    Electric Pallet Truck  High Level Daxlifter is the materials handling equipment special for warehouse material handle and movement. The difference point with traditional pallet truck is that we add battery on lift which can make the work more efficient and relax.Usually the capacity is 1500kg but max capacity we can offer 3000kg which suit for most of warehouse work.Besides,we also can offer some auxiliary procuct include Lift table and carrier etc..Welcome inquiry this new electric pallet truck.


    Q: What is the maximum height of your lifting equipment?

    A: The height of our lifting machinery can be as high as 800 mm.

    Q: How about the transportation capacity of your products?

    A: We have our own professional shipping companies that have cooperated for many years, and they can provide us with cheap prices and high-quality services.

    Q: What is the price of your products?

    A: The price of our products has a very good competitive advantage, and the more the quantity, the more favorable.

    Q: What is the quality of your electric truck?

    A: Our electric pallet trucks have passed the global quality system certification, are very durable and have high stability.


    Technical Data


    PT1554 PT1568 PT1554A PT1568B


    1500kg 1500kg 1500kg 1500kg
    Min Height 85mm 85mm 85mm 85mm
    Max Height 800mm 800mm 800mm 800mm
    Width of Fork 540mm 680mm 540mm 680mm
    Length of Fork 1150mm 1150mm 1150mm 1150mm
    Battery 12v/75ah 12v/75ah 12v/75ah 12v/75ah
    Charger Custom made Custom made Custom made Custom made
    Net Weight 140kg 146kg 165kg 171kg

    Why Choose Us

    As a professional manual power pallet truck supplier, we have provided professional and safe lifting equipment to many countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Serbia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, India, New Zealand, Malaysia, Canada and others nation. Our equipment takes into account the affordable price and excellent work performance. In addition, we can also provide perfect after-sales service. There is no doubt that we will be your best choice!

    Thin fork:

    The fork of the pallet truck is very thin and can be easily inserted into the bottom of the pallet during work.

    Simple structure:

    The pallet truck has a simple structure, it’s convenient to maintain and repair.

    CE approved:

    Our products have obtained CE certification and are of reliable quality.



    We can provide a 1 year warranty and free replacement of parts (except for human factors).

    High-quality steel:

    We use standard steel with long service life.

    Control switch:

    The equipment is equipped with related control buttons, which makes it more convenient to operate the equipment.


    Electric lifting:
    Compared with manual lifting pallet trucks, electric lifting is more time-saving and labor-saving, greatly improving work efficiency.
    High quality cylinder:
    The equipment is equipped with high-quality cylinders and has a longer service life.
    The equipment is equipped with wheels, it’s convenient to move.
    We can provide customers with customized services according to their needs and improve their work efficiency.


    Case 1

    One of our Korean customers bought our electric truck to move goods in the supermarket. The handle of the electric trolley has a button to control the lifting. Tractor can easily take out the goods and move them to the place where they are needed, which greatly improves the efficiency of supermarket replenishment. The load of an electric cart is generally 1500 kg, and we can achieve a maximum of 3000 kg to meet your work needs.


    Case 2

    One of our customers in Australia bought our electric carts for simple transportation in the warehouse. Their product boxes are relatively heavy. We customized a 2000 kg cart for him, so that he can carry multiple boxes of goods each time. The lifting of the hydraulically driven platform gives him more energy to transport more goods, which greatly improves his work efficiency. After using the trolley, he decided to buy one for every staff member, and bought back 6 pallet forklifts again. We believe that the efficiency of his warehouse will become higher and higher.


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