Special Automobile

Special Automobile is widely use in many heavy industry which include high altitude aerial working truck,fire fighting truck,garbage truck and so on.Here we recommend our aerial working truck and fire fighting truck first.

  • High Altitude Operation Vehicle

    High Altitude Operation Vehicle

    The high altitude operation vehicle has an advantage that other aerial work equipment cannot compare, that is, it can carry out long-distance operations and is very mobile, moving from one city to another city or even a country. It has an irreplaceable position in municipal operations.
  • Foam Fire Fighting Truck

    Foam Fire Fighting Truck

    Dongfeng 5-6 tons foam fire truck is modified with Dongfeng EQ1168GLJ5 chassis. The whole vehicle is composed of a firefighter's passenger compartment and a body. The passenger compartment is a single row to double row, which can seat 3+3 people.
  • Water Tank Fire Fighting Truck

    Water Tank Fire Fighting Truck

    Our water tank fire truck is modified with Dongfeng EQ1041DJ3BDC chassis. The vehicle is composed of two parts: the firefighter's passenger compartment and the body. The passenger compartment is an original double row and can seat 2+3 people. The car has an inner tank structure.

Our aerial cage truck has features of 1. The boom and outriggers are made of low-alloy Q345 profiles, with no welds all around, beautiful in appearance, large in force and high in strength;2. H-shaped outriggers have good stability, the outriggers can be operated at the same time or separately, the operation is flexible, and it can adapt to a variety of working conditions;3. The slewing mechanism adopts an adjustable type, which is convenient for adjustment;4. The turntable rotates 360° in both directions and adopts an advanced turbo-worm type deceleration mechanism (with self-lubricating and self-locking functions). Post-maintenance can also be easily achieved by adjusting the position of the bolts;5. The boarding operation adopts the integrated electronic control valve block mode, with beautiful layout, stable operation and convenient maintenance;6. The getting off and getting on are interlocked, the operation is safe and reliable;7. Stepless speed regulation is achieved through the throttle valve during the boarding operation;8. The hanging basket adopts external tie rod for mechanical leveling, which is more stable and reliable;9. The turntable or hanging basket is equipped with start and stop switches, which is convenient to operate and save fuel;Our fire fighting truck is split to foam fire fighting truck and water tank fire fighting truck.  It is modified from Dongfeng EQ1168GLJ5 chassis. The whole vehicle is composed of a firefighter's passenger compartment and a body. The passenger compartment is a single row to double row, which can seat 3+3 people. The car has a built-in tank structure, the front part of the body is an equipment box, and the middle part is a water tank. The rear part is the pump room. The liquid-carrying tank is made of high-quality carbon steel and is elastically connected to the chassis. The water-carrying capacity is 3800kg (PM50)/5200kg (SG50), and the foam liquid volume is 1400kg (PM60). It is equipped with CB10/30 low pressure produced by Shanghai Rongshen Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd. The fire pump has a rated flow of 30L/S. The roof is equipped with a PL24 (PM50) or PS30W (SG50) vehicle fire monitor produced by Chengdu West Fire Machinery Co., Ltd. The biggest feature of the car is large liquid capacity, good controllability and easy maintenance. It can be widely used in public security fire brigades, factories and mines, communities, docks and other places to fight large-scale oil fires or general material fires.The fire-fighting performance of the whole vehicle meets the requirements of GB7956-2014; the chassis has passed the national compulsory product certification; the engine emission meets the requirements of the fifth stage limit of GB17691-2005 (National V standard); the whole vehicle has passed the inspection of the National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Report No.: Zb201631225/226) and has been included in the announcement of new automotive products by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.  

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