Floor Shop Crane

Floor Shop Crane is our features product which has another name is that Floor Crane or Shop Crane.The max capacity reach 1000kg but the total volume of this machine is small. Our mini crane is easy to operate, adopts an integrated control panel, and is highly efficient, making hoisting work safer. Using high-quality materials, high-strength steel is not easy to deform. The boom and girder of the crane have been strengthened, and the load-bearing performance is strong

  • Counterbalanced Mobile Floor Crane

    Counterbalanced Mobile Floor Crane

    Counterbalanced mobile floor crane is a high-quality and high-performance material handling equipment, which can handle and lift different materials with its telescopic boom.
  • Floor Shop Crane

    Floor Shop Crane

    The floor shop crane is suitable for warehouse handling and various auto repair shops. For example, you can use it to lift the engine. Our cranes are light and easy to operate, and can move freely in cramped working environments. The strong battery can support a day's work.

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