Pallet Truck

High level scissor pallet truck, This product is mainly used for warehousing operations, logistics bases, and also suitable for process flow in workshops, and can also be used as a work platform. When the lifting height is less than 300 mm, it is equivalent to the use of a truck.PLC control automatic lifting scissor pallet truck, This product is a must-use device in the printing industry, with the function of automatically sensing the rise or fall. 

Use battery power, no wiring required. Manual scissor pallet truck,this is a economic product suit for some light warehouse work.whatever lifting or moving have to use people push or press. This device uses a heavy-duty design, and the wheels are equipped with protective frames to prevent crushing of the instep. And it adopts anti-pinch design and overload protection function, which is more reliable and safer. Comply with European EN 1757-2 and American ANSI/ASME safety standards.Meanwhile we offer custom service to replace the manual operation to electric battery operation.

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