Wheelchair Lift

Wheelchair lift is special design for disabled people and the disabled lift can help you these handicapped people go up stair easily. The equipment adopts an intelligent control system, a multi-dimensional, modular, and networked control system that can process data funny, making the elevator operation system more stable.

  • Simple Type Vertical Wheelchair Lift Hydraulic Elevator for Home

    Simple Type Vertical Wheelchair Lift Hydraulic Elevator for Home

    Wheelchair lift platform is an essential invention that has greatly improved the lives of the elderly, disabled, and children who use wheelchairs. This device has made it easier for them to access different floors in buildings without having to struggle with stairs.
  • Platform Stair Lift for Home

    Platform Stair Lift for Home

    Installing a wheelchair lift at home offers several advantages. Firstly, it improves accessibility for wheelchair users within the home. The lift enables them to access areas they might otherwise have difficulty reaching, such as the upper floors of a house. It also provides a greater sense of indep
  • Hydraulic Wheelchair Home Lift for Stairs

    Hydraulic Wheelchair Home Lift for Stairs

    Wheelchair lifts have a variety of applications and advantages in improving the mobility and independence of individuals with physical disabilities. These lifts provide accessibility to buildings, vehicles, and other areas that may have been previously inaccessible to wheelchair users.
  • Strong Structure Electric Wheelchair Stair Lift in Home

    Strong Structure Electric Wheelchair Stair Lift in Home

    Wheelchair stair lift play a crucial role in helping elderly and disabled individuals move up and down stairs. They serve as a reliable and efficient solution to the challenges faced by these individuals in navigating stairs, ensuring their safety and ease of access. These platforms provide a safe a
  • Hydraulic Disabled Elevator

    Hydraulic Disabled Elevator

    Hydraulic disabled elevator is for the convenience of people with disabilities, or a tool for the elderly and children to go up and down stairs more conveniently.
  • Wheelchair Lift Supplier Residential Use with Economic Price

    Wheelchair Lift Supplier Residential Use with Economic Price

    The vertical wheelchair lift is designed for the handicapped, which is convenient for wheelchairs to go up and down the stairs or over the steps of entering the door. At the same time, it can also be used as a small home elevator, carrying up to three passengers and reaching a :height of 6m.
  • Scissor Type Wheelchair Lift

    Scissor Type Wheelchair Lift

    If your installation site does not have enough space to install a vertical wheelchair lift, then the scissor type wheelchair lift will be your best choice. It is especially suitable for use in places with limited installation sites. Compared with the vertical wheelchair lift, The scissor wheelchair

At the same time, a permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine is used, which improves the utilization rate of the building and the driving performance of the elevator. The power supply voltage can be customized and matched according to the customer's local voltage. The built-in disc brake makes the elevator operation safer, the volume is smaller than the traditional main engine under the same load, and the sealed bearing does not need grease lubrication. If you need this disabled lift, please provide us with the specific table size, load and height parameters, as well as the actual photos of the specific installation location, and we will arrange professional designers to design and customize according to your specific needs. 

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