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Lift Table Warehouse Equipment is a important product in warehouse work which is features business in Daxlifter.Qingdao Daxlifter research and develop scissor lift table,scissor type pallet truck,electric scissor type pallet truck and PLC control automatic lifting pallet truck and so on,meanwhile offer custom made service for our customer of scissor lift table etc…

  • Double Scissor Lifting Platform

    Double Scissor Lifting Platform

    Double scissor lifting platform is customizable multi-functional cargo lifting equipment that is popular all over the world.
  • Scissor Lift Table For Warehouse

    Scissor Lift Table For Warehouse

    Scissor lift table for warehouse is an economical and practical high-performance cargo lifting platform. Due to the characteristics of its design structure, it is used in many industries in life, and it may even be seen in ordinary people's homes. Scissor lift table for warehouse is a product that c
  • Double Scissor Lift Table

    Double Scissor Lift Table

    The double scissor lift table is suitable for work at working heights that cannot be reached by a single scissor lift table, and it can be installed in a pit, so that the scissor lift tabletop can be kept level with the ground and will not become an obstacle on the ground due to its own height.
  • Lift Table E Shape

    Lift Table E Shape

    China E shape Scissor Lift Table usually use on pallet handling work which has to be used E type lift table lift it up ,then use forklift move the pallet to container or truck.There is standard model for E type scissor lift table or we also can base on your requirement
  • Custom Scissor Lift Table

    Custom Scissor Lift Table

    Depends on different requirement from our customer we can offer different design for our scissor lift table which can make the work more easy and no any confused.Best we can do customized platform size bigger than 6*5m with more than 20 tons capacity.
  • Heavy Duty Scissor Lift Table

    Heavy Duty Scissor Lift Table

    The heavy-duty fixed scissor platform is mainly used in large-scale mine work sites, large-scale construction work sites, and large-scale cargo stations.All of platform size,capacity and platform height need to be customization.
  • U Type Scissor Lift Table

    U Type Scissor Lift Table

    U type scissor lift table is mainly used for the lifting and handling of wooden pallets and other material handling tasks. The main work scenes include warehouses, assembly line work, and shipping ports. If the standard model cannot meet your requirements, please contact us to confirm whether it can
  • Roller Scissor Lift Table

    Roller Scissor Lift Table

    We have added a roller platform to the standard fixed scissor platform to make it suitable for assembly line work and other related industries. Of course, in addition to this, we accept customized countertops and sizes.
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The products are exported to Europe, America, Africa and many other countries and regions. The domestic market is spread across many cities in China, and the products are recognized and praised by customers at home and abroad. The company continued the sales and R&D of the two series of fixed electric lift table and scissor pallet trucks, and developed towards automation.

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