Self Propelled Telescopic Boom Lift

Short Description:

The best important point of Self propelled telescopic boom lift is that it can reach a so high platform height compare with slef propelled articulated boom lift.Ordinary model max can reach over 40 meter platform height,Best performance model can reach 58m platform height.

  • Platform size range: 910mm*760mm~2440mm*910mm
  • Capacity range: 360kg-480kg
  • Max Platform height range: 30m~40m
  • Free ocean shipping insurance available
  • 12 month warranty time with free spare parts available
  • Technical Data

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    Work Height Maximum

    32.4 m

    41.3 m


    Platform Height Maximum


    39.3 m


    Horizontal reach maximum


    21.5 m


    Lift capacity(restricted)

    480 kg

    480 kg

    360 kg

    Lift capacity(non-restricted)

    340 kg

    340 kg

    230 kg

    Length( stowed)  Ⓓ

    13 m

    13.65 m


    Width (axle retracted/extended)  Ⓔ

    2.5m / 3.43m

    2.49 m


    Height(stowed) Ⓒ


    3.9 m


    Wheel base Ⓕ


    3.96 m

    3.96 m

    Ground clearance  Ⓖ


    0.43 m

    0.43 m

    Platform measurement  *


    0.91*0.76 m


    Turning radius( inside,axle retracted)

    4.14 m

    3.13 m


    Turning radius (inside,axle extended)

    2.74 m

    3.13 m


    Turning radius( outside,axle retracted)

    6.56 m

    5.43 m


    Turning radius (outside,axle extended)

    5.85 m

    6.75 m


    Travel speed(stowed)

    4.4 km/h

    Travel speed(raised )


    Grade ability


    Solid tire


    Turntable swing

    360° Continuous

    Platform leveling

    Automatic leveling

    Platform rotation


    Fuel tank capacity


    Drive & Steering mode



    America Cummins B3.3 80 HP (60kw),

    Lovol 1004-4 78 hp (58kw),Perkins 400 76 hp (56kw)

    Total weight




    Control voltage

    12V DC Proportional

    24V DC Proportional

    24V DC Proportional

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  • Features and Advantages:

    1. The crank arm provides multi directional positioning for up, outward and span, allowing you to reach where you want in a variety of ways.
    2. Standard configuration of four-bar weighing device; overload protection, platform amplitude and height automatic detection device, automatic control of the boom movement speed and walking speed, high-precision weighing device and other measures to ensure the safety of the operation And smoothness.
    3. 16m or less and including the electric model is very compact, can pass through a small door opening and can work in a small space.
    4. Full-scale control handle and CAN bus and PLC control system, simple control, high positioning accuracy, allowing users to do whatever they want. The stainless steel operating box has a sealed box cover and a box cover to protect the electrical components from moisture and damage.

    5. Closed walking system consisting of electric proportional variable pump and hydraulic variable motor and flow distribution valve can meet higher moving speed and lower stable working speed, high efficiency and low heat.

    6. AC380V can be connected to the platform according to user requirements and the compressed air pipeline can be configured to meet the special working requirements of the user.

    7. Closed walking system, convenient speed regulation and large speed regulation range; the hydraulic system of the boom is a double spool circuit, which has higher safety. Hydraulic components are pure European and American brands.

    8. The four-wheel drive power is strong and the climbing degree is large.

    9. The angle of the flying arm varies from -55° to +75°, so you can reach the place you want without going to the main arm.

    10. Easy to maintain and repair.

    11. The oscillating axle can sense the terrain, and the four-wheel landing can be ensured on the uneven road without reducing the driving force.

    12. The piston rod of the cylinder has protective sleeves, and the head of the boom has dust proof devices.

    13. The table has a rotation range of ±80°, making your work more flexible.

    14. The output gear of the rotary reducer is eccentric 2.5mm, and the flank clearance can be adjusted to reduce the free rotation angle of the boom.

    15. Prevent the machine from moving once the work basket hit obstacles.

    16. Ensure that the boom retracts when the engine and oil pump fail.

    17. The electric crank arm type uses the battery as the power source, with low noise and no emission. It is suitable for indoor and some special requirements.

    18. Provide an option for the generator set to use the generator to generate electricity to charge the battery. It is suitable for occasions where field work cannot be charged in time.

    19. The electric type has a smaller width and height (receiving state), which is more suitable for indoor work.

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