Rotary Platform Car Parking Lift for Car Exhibition

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China Daxlifter Rotary platform car lift special design for auto show, the size and capacity can be custom made by your requirement. The automobile rotating platform uses a high-quality imported gear motor to ensure that the platform can run smoothly and rotate at a uniform speed when it is working.

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China Daxlifter Rotary Car Parking Lift Special design for Vehicle Exhibition or 4S shop auto show and so on. The capacity and table size of the three-dimensional parking equipment can be customized according to customer requirements. The maximum load can reach ten tons! It can fully meet the basic needs of customers. The overall structure generally selects a gear pump as the driving device. Of course, we can also provide a friction drive design for production and production. The cost of the friction drive design is higher, so the price will be higher. For general use, gear pump drive design can be used, and no more cost is required to use friction drive design. The overall color and the material of the countertop can be customized. Generally, we use patterned steel plate as the material of the countertop. However, it is also possible to use smooth steel or glass steel countertops, these materials are available as options. The color customization is free.

During installation, a pit needs to be made at the installation site to accommodate the car rotating platform. This is very important, so you need to confirm with us in advance whether the ground of your installation site can make a pit.


Q: How is your equipment better than other suppliers?

A: Our mobile scissor lift platform adopts the latest design, with pull-out legs, which makes it easier to open. And our scissor structure design has reached the leading level, the vertical angle error is very small, and the shaking degree of the scissor structure is minimized. Higher security! In addition, we also provide more options. Contact us to get a quote!

Q: How is your shipping capacity?

A: We have cooperated with many professional shipping companies for many years, and they will provide us with very good services in terms of ocean transportation.

Q: How do we send an inquiry to your company?

A: Both the product page and the homepage have our contact information. You can click the button to send an inquiry or contact us directly: Whatsapp: +86 15192782747

Q: What is your warranty time?

A: We provide 12 months of free warranty, and if the equipment is damaged during the warranty period due to quality problems, we will provide customers with free accessories and provide necessary technical support. After the warranty period, we will provide lifetime paid accessories service.



Special Design

Rotary Platform



Motor Power




Platform Size


Why Choose Us

As a professional exhibition use car rotary platform supplier, we have provided professional and safe lifting equipment to many countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Serbia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, India, New Zealand, Malaysia, Canada and others nation. Our equipment takes into account the affordable price and excellent work performance. In addition, we can also provide perfect after-sales service. There is no doubt that we will be your best choice!

High power motor:

The use of the motor can ensure the stable rotation of the platform.

360° rotating platform:

The bearing of the rotating platform can rotate 360°, which can show the vehicle well.

Remote control:

The rotating table is equipped with a remote control, which makes the operation more convenient.


Large load-bearing capacity:

The load-bearing capacity of the rotating platform can be customized to 3 tons, 4 tons, 5 tons, etc.

Low noise:

The noise during the rotation of the rotating gears of the platform is very low.

Quality gear:

The gears used in the equipment are of high quality and have a long service life.



According to different purposes, we provide customers with customized services.

Anti-slip platform:

The platform is made of pattern steel, and the car can be parked on the platform steadily.

Easy installation:

The structure of the equipment is simple, so the installation will be easier.


Case 1

Our British customers customize our car rotating platform mainly for car exhibitions. He customized a platform with a white patterned steel countertop. The size of the platform is 3m*6m, which can park the car on the countertop well. Because the customer wants to have a car exhibition, we customized 10 car rotating platforms at one time. After the customer's exhibition ended successfully, we also received the customer's satisfactory evaluation.


Case 2

Our German customer ordered our rotating platform parking lift for 4S point car display. In order to highlight the color of the car, the customer customized the glass table top, the customized one is 3*6m, for more stable work, customer customized load-bearing capacity is 8 tons. With the use of the rotating platform parking elevator, the car display will be more complete.



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