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HEAVY DUTY SCISSOR LIFT equipment has recently obtained the ISO international quality system certification, which will mean that our HEAVY DUTY SCISSOR LIFT equipment will be exported to more countries and recognized by more customers. The electrical components on our HEAVY DUTY SCISSOR LIFT equipment are all internationally renowned brands, and the quality is very good. Built to last. Our current spraying process has also reached an excellent level, as long as there is no bump, it will not fade. In addition, in order to have a design more in line with customer requirements in the international market, we have added multiple configurations in terms of safety configuration, such as anti-pinch function, explosion-proof valve, emergency drop and other safety configurations. We have added the anti-pinch function sensor around the table. As long as other objects touch the anti-pinch sensor, our HEAVY DUTY SCISSOR LIFT equipment will stop working immediately. The explosion-proof valve can effectively prevent the oil pipe from accidentally bursting and the table suddenly falls. Danger to personnel. The emergency descent function can be used in the event of a sudden power failure. These safety features are very grounded and practical. In addition, if you need other customized services, you can let us know, and we will design the solution according to your needs. In addition, many customers will choose our HEAVY DUTY SCISSOR LIFT equipment to match the production line. Based on this demand, we will make some special designs to make our HEAVY DUTY SCISSOR LIFT equipment match the production line. So don't worry. Presto Lift Tables, Hydraulic Table Lift, Electric Scissor, Truck Load Lift Table,1111111. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Luxemburg, panama,Spain, Stuttgart.

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