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The self-propelled aerial work platform made of ONE MAN DRIVABLE LIFT aluminum alloy has always been the leader in the European rental market. Why do you say that? Usually, the rental of aerial work equipment as understood by the general public refers to some super-large equipment, shipbuilding, bridge erection, high-rise building construction, etc. In fact, in the actual leasing business, many small and medium-sized aerial work equipment is used in a large amount. of. For example, some of our common cleaning and sanitation work is aimed at the installation and maintenance of some small office buildings, office buildings, as well as the door signs of some stores, the maintenance of street lights in the community, and the maintenance of ceilings in some buildings. work equipment. Our ONE MAN DRIVABLE LIFT aluminium alloy aerial work lift is a lift especially suitable for indoor use. Because of its compactness and convenience, it can easily enter the elevator and then go to different floors for work through the elevator. And the ONE MAN DRIVABLE LIFT aluminum alloy elevator adopts the self-propelled control mode, that is to say, the worker can directly stand on the platform to drive it. There is no doubt that this will greatly improve the work efficiency, which means that the rental time is reduced. Indirectly reducing rental costs. In addition, our equipment has passed the Ce certificate test, and we have been with the European market for many years, and many designs we have made are in line with the actual use and requirements of European customers. All in all, the ONE MAN DRIVABLE LIFT device is a star device that has swept the European market. Order Picker Lift Truck, Four Posts Parking Lift, 1111111, Scissors Lift,Pallet Scissor Lift. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Czech, Moldova,Zambia, Montpellier.

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