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TWO MAN SCISSOR LIFT equipment lifts are designed for larger loads, carrying more workers on the platform to carry the necessary light tools. Why do you say that? Because many of our customers have reflected in the actual work, usually at least two workers are required to carry tools on the platform to cooperate with the work. For example, repairing cables and welding and repairing the ceiling cannot be done by a single worker alone. Based on this demand, we continue to meet the market demand, and then develop a more complete elevator product line and so on. After the advent of the TWO MAN SCISSOR LIFT lift, it has been recognized by a large number of customers with high demand, and they have sent purchase orders to solve their actual work problems. Of course, it is also thanks to our customers that we can get these accurate market demand information. If our high-quality customers do not feedback their specific needs to us, we will have no way to get this information and upgrade our equipment. In addition, the TWO MAN SCISSOR LIFT equipment is also equipped with an extension platform, which is also upgraded through our customer feedback. After the extension platform is installed, the horizontal working range in the air is greatly increased. Our extension platform can be opened forward for a distance of 900mm, and the load can reach 120kg, which allows a worker to stand on the extension platform to work. This is very convenient. Our wheels have also received a better design in this upgrade, using high-quality non-marking PU wheels. If you are interested in TWO MAN SCISSOR LIFT equipment, please contact us as soon as possible! Powered Lift Tables, Work Platform Lift, Compact Scissor Lift, Automotive Lifts,Loading Dock Ramps. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Ukraine, Kenya,Swansea, Guyana.

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