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TELESCOPING MANLIFT lift is a new type of high-performance aerial work equipment for indoor use that we have just developed. Why do you say he is a high-performance lift? Because both in terms of processing and production technology and in the selection of various accessories, top-level technology and top-level accessories are used. TELESCOPING MANLIFT equipment is a flagship product of our foray into the high-end elevator market. Every screw is designed and inspected rigorously and precisely. In the control mode, we took the lead in adopting the intelligent integrated control unit. Through this improvement and upgrade, the failure rate of our TELESCOPING MANLIFT equipment has almost dropped to 0. This is very exciting. Equipment with an ultra-low failure rate can ensure the reliability of the equipment to the greatest extent in the face of some critical work, and at the same time, it can also reduce the maintenance costs of customers in the later period. For the design of TELESCOPING MANLIFT equipment, we focus on strengthening the structure's strength and durability, light and flexible characteristics. With its own width of only 750mm, it can easily pass through any narrow work space, which is not possible with other lifts. On the basis of the standard models of three meters and four meters, we have added a six-meter height model, which will meet the needs of some customers with higher working heights. Once the TELESCOPING MANLIFT equipment came out, it was favored by many of our old customers, who sent orders to purchase prototypes one after another. And after getting the prototype, I sent a good review. Powered Lift Tables, Indoor Lift, Work Platforms, Scissor Platform Lift,Construction Lifting Equipment. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Bahamas, Swedish,Uganda, Bogota.

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