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MOBILE ORDER PICKER equipment is a material handling equipment that is popular all over the world, and you can almost see him in any large warehouse. Shelves in warehouses are usually very high. If the MOBILE ORDER PICKER equipment is not used, the workers cannot reach the high-rise goods, so the MOBILE ORDER PICKER equipment is designed. Why is MOBILE ORDER PICKER equipment specially designed for warehouse cargo handling? First of all, the MOBILE ORDER PICKER equipment adopts a self-propelled control method, that is to say, workers can stand on the table and drive the MOBILE ORDER PICKER equipment to shuttle between the shelves like a vehicle. This control method greatly improves work efficiency. In the warehouse, the transmission ladder or scaffolding is still used as a solution to pick up the goods. This kind of work efficiency is very low. The use of MOBILE ORDER PICKER equipment can maximize the work efficiency. After a long calculation, it is very important to use the budget to buy MOBILE ORDER PICKER equipment. Cost-effective. In addition, MOBILE ORDER PICKER equipment also specially designed a workbench for placing goods. In this way, while taking the goods, it can provide space for the goods to be placed. without affecting the worker's standing position. And, the guardrail of MOBILE ORDER PICKER equipment is also carefully designed. The guardrails on both sides can be opened so that when workers face the shelves on the side, it is necessary to cross the guardrails to take the goods and it is dangerous. The battery, controller, pump station and other important components of the MOBILE ORDER PICKER equipment are all made of well-known brands, durable and have excellent working performance. The battery capacity can support a whole day of work after one full charge. If the frequency of use is not particularly high, it can be supported. Three to five working days. Peace of mind and convenience. Aerial Boom Lift, Articulated Boom Lift, Garage Crane, Dock Bumpers,Lift Table. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,French, Bolivia,Sierra Leone, Algeria.

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