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GLASS VACUUM LIFTER equipment is mainly used for handling and installing glass panels, suitable for various glass panel factories, home improvement companies and warehouse glass panel handling and other work. However, we can change the material of the suction cup so that our GLASS VACUUM LIFTER equipment can absorb and handle more materials, such as marble slab, granite slab, iron plate, steel plate and so on. But there is a point of knowledge that is particularly important here, that is, the sheets of various materials that are adsorbed cannot leak. If air leakage occurs, a vacuum state cannot be formed in the suction cup at all, which makes the suction cup unable to absorb. Many customers do not understand this point, and we always try our best to explain it. There are basically two types of suction cups, sheet suction cups and glass suction cups. Glass suction cups usually use rubber suction cups, and sheet suction cups usually use sponge suction cups. For the sponge suction cup, the suction cup of this material can also absorb the uneven surface of the flat plate, because the sponge is flexible, it can automatically fill the sponge into the uneven recessed position when the vacuum machine starts to work. Only after this process can the uneven sheet be successfully lifted up by adsorption. Lifting Platforms, Garage Lift, Aerial Lift, Vertical Material Lift,Scissor Lift Automotive. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Czech republic, Congo,Atlanta, USA.

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