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Towable man lift is an aerial work product that sells well all over the world. The mast-type lifting structure and the high-quality material of aluminum alloy are undoubtedly a high-quality and high-performance product. From our company's sales data for many years, it can be concluded that the sales volume of towable man lift products can account for 30% of all products, and there are many reasons for the large sales volume. Compared with the scissor-type lifting platform, the mast-type design structure is more space-saving and occupies a smaller area, which is more suitable for indoor venues. And towable man lift has the function of single-person loading, with a pull-out handle at the bottom and wheels installed on the side of the device, so that it can be easily loaded onto the truck even when one person is working. This design function allows small electric man lift to be easily transported to different workplaces. Even if you don't have a forklift, you only use a truck and a staff member. You can also use this function to load and unload independently without delaying work. The height of its platform has many options, from a low height of 4.7m to a high height of 12m. The space is very selective and can meet the work needs of many people. Articulated Boom Lift, Pallet Scissor Lift, Fire Truck, Double Scissor Lift,Knuckle Boom Lift. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Cancun, Dubai,Serbia, Sacramento.

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