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ONE MAN SCISSOR LIFT equipment is an extremely light and flexible lift equipment. This device really took the world by storm. Whether it is a factory building or a personal home, it is an excellent choice in the elevator industry equipment. When we designed this equipment, we adopted many top-level advanced designs. For example, we specially equipped the ONE MAN SCISSOR LIFT equipment with the function of single-person loading. What is the single-person loading function? The single-person loading function means that a worker can easily load the ONE MAN SCISSOR LIFT equipment onto the pickup truck. This is a very convenient function. Why do you say that? Since large aerial work equipment is usually not required for some lower height aerial work, it is the best choice to choose our ONE MAN SCISSOR LIFT equipment, but how to transport it to the work site? The functionality of our one-person loaders is designed for this reason. As long as you have another pickup truck we can put it on, and it only takes one person. Because the weight we designed for the ONE MAN SCISSOR LIFT equipment is low, it can be lifted and loaded onto a pickup truck by one person. In addition, in order to adapt to work in some working places without power supply, we also equipped him with a battery-powered option, so that in some places where it is inconvenient to obtain AC power, we can continue to use battery power for lifting work. In addition, we also have a lot of safety configurations. For example, the most important design is that when the outrigger is not opened, the ONE MAN SCISSOR LIFT device cannot work, because we have installed a safety sensor at the position where the outrigger is inserted. , When the outrigger is not inserted, the central control lock is not opened, so the lifting work cannot be carried out. If you also need such a lightweight device, contact us! Static Scissor Lift, Hydraulic Scissor Lift, Scissors Lift, Portable Man Lift,Aerial Access Platforms. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Saudi Arabia, kazan,Netherlands, Czech republic.

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