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ELECTRIC SCISSOR LIFT TABLE optional functions are very complete, including roller platforms, organ covers, remote control handles, optional wheels, adding guardrails, adding loading and unloading ramps, etc. The option of the roller platform is often used in some wood processing factories, furniture processing factories and assembly line operations. By choosing drums with different diameters to match different production line types, we can also provide customized electric rotating drums for some customer needs. These aspects are very convenient for customers. The function of the organ cover is mainly to use the organ cover to enclose the scissor structure. In this way, workers and other foreign objects can be protected to the greatest extent from entering the scissor structure. It can well protect the safety of ELECTRIC SCISSOR LIFT TABLE equipment and workers. The function of the remote control handle is relatively simple. It is suitable for customers who need to operate at a distance. When the ELECTRIC SCISSOR LIFT TABLE platform carries some dangerous items, the staff cannot approach it. Therefore, choosing a remote control handle can protect workers to the greatest extent. Some customers also choose wheels on the light ELECTRIC SCISSOR LIFT TABLE equipment, so that the ELECTRIC SCISSOR LIFT TABLE equipment can be pushed away directly when the working position needs to be changed. The installation of the guardrail is determined according to the customer's goods. If the size of the goods to be loaded by the customer is relatively high, we will recommend adding guardrails to ensure the stability of the goods. The ramp is installed to facilitate the pallet truck to drag the goods onto the platform. Stair Lifts, Hydraulic Platform Lift, Lift Table, Electric Boom Lift,Custom Aluminum Work Platform. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,United States, Oman,Chile, Georgia.

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