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SELF PROPELLED MANLIFT lifts have been a staple of our product line in sales over the past few years. We have just developed the double-column SELF PROPELLED MANLIFT lift recently. This update introduces a total of two new models, which provide working heights of ten and twelve meters respectively. As of today, our double-column style SELF PROPELLED MANLIFT equipment has a total of four types of equipment, covering a working height of six to twelve meters. The working height of 12 meters is already the highest height of SELF PROPELLED MANLIFT lifts used indoors, so our current design is sufficient to meet the needs of major markets. Why carry out this upgrade and update and add new models? Because through the feedback from our dealer group in the past few years, most customers will prefer to choose a lift with a higher working height that they actually need. Regarding the SELF PROPELLED MANLIFT lift, we thought again and again and decided to upgrade, although with the working height As the price increases, the price also rises, but we believe that it is worthwhile for customers to increase their budget when purchasing equipment. If it is extremely uneconomical to rent or buy two sets of equipment with different heights in order to meet the working needs of different heights, choosing our double-post SELF PROPELLED MANLIFT lift must be your best choice. Scissor Table Lift, Chair Lifts For Stairs, Custom Scissor Lifts, Picker Lift,Freight Lift Elevator. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Ecuador, Botswana,Muscat, Swiss.

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